Sharp SF-770NT1 Black compatible toner cartridge - 10 pack
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Sharp SF-770NT1 Black compatible toner cartridge - 10 pack

Sharp SF-770NT1 Black compatible toner cartridge - 10 pack
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Sharp Copier Toner SF-770NT1 compatible cartridge (10 x 180 grams bottles)

Compatible Cartridge

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Compatible Printer / Cartridge List :

SF-7700 and more This toner cartridge is a perfect replacement for the original Sharp copier toner and guaranteed to work as well or better than the original. Remanufactured with new parts and new 100% compatible toner, you can save a bundle over buying OEM Sharp cartridges. SF-7700 SF770NT1

Buy Sharp SF-770NT1 Black compatible toner cartridge - 10 pack

Refilling Toner Cartridge

  • You will need a paper towels or news paper to protect the surface you are planning to change the toner cartridge on, because it can get a little messy.
  • Take out the toner cartridge from your printer and place it on the area you covered with paper towels or news paper facing the label up.
  • Clean off the outside of the toner cartridge with a napkin to remove excess toner.
  • Your toner comes with a toner kit, which includes a hole melting tool. Place the tool on the cartridge in the night place on the top until it melts a hole
  • Pour the toner into the hole you created. It should take about five minutes.
  • Take out a piece of foil tape that comes in your toner kit to cover the hole you made. Stick the foil tape over the hole to seal the toner cartridge.
  • Place the toner back into the printer and close the printer door.

More testimonials...

I have refilled my Epson printer cartridge (black only) and it's working GREAT! I estimate I will save about $130 using your refill kit for my black cartridges. I will use your other refill kit when my color cartridge dies and see how well that works. I expect it will do a great job as well and save me even more money. Thanks again.
A S. J

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